After enduring a couple of weeks with acute neck pain, I saw an advertisement for Alcester Chiropractic Clinic. I arranged a consultation and then had treatment. Joanne was brilliant and within a short time of treatments and exercises my neck was better. I can highly recommend the professionalism and care that I received. Sue

A very friendly and considerate practice that has given a real benefit to my knee and hip problems. Barry

I have visited Joanne for just over a year and found the treatment very successful. Also, I have been able (through discussions about a childhood back problem) to handle any pain and discomfort in a much better way with pillow choice and exercises etc. I find the visit very good mentally too, as Joanne listens and understands my various health concerns. Worth every penny/pound. Sue H

I have received treatment from Joanne for a shoulder injury. The exercises have been very beneficial and I have seen an improvement and reduction in pain. I would recommend Joanne to anyone thinking of using Chiropractic treatment. Della

I have been receiving treatment from Joanne for a recent back problem, that made walking any distance very painful.
I also have severe pain in my neck,caused in part by motorcycling,this has been a long term problem.
Since my treatment started my improvement has been remarkable, neck pain reduced by 80% my back is improving all the time.
Treatment is gentle and effective, and in my case was very successful. Terry

I recently had an issue with my back caused simply by gardening. It was the most painful experience. I decided to look for a Chiropractor as I was unlikely to get a same day Doctors appointment. I called Alcester Chiropractic Clinic and made an appointment within two hours. I attended with trepidation, as one hears the stories of back manipulation! However, I have to say, I was greeted with a great deal of sympathy and compassion. The appointment and subsequent ones have involved gentle manipulation, acupuncture and a range of exercises. Joanne has always given a full explanation of treatment when I've asked. My recovery has been good and I would recommend Joanne at Alcester Chiropractic for anyone who has a similar complaint. John

From the time of entering the practice I was given a warm and relaxed welcome. I arrived with severe back pain struggling to walk. Joanne identified the disc trapped nerve and a shoulder problem from a previous injury. Having received treatment for both my mobility has 100% improved. All my exercises were thought through and well explained. I found Joanne a caring and approachable person. I was recommended by a friend to visit and without hesitation I would recommend Joanne. Trevor

Jo is an exceptional practitioner - she has treated me for back pain very successfully and more recently for an old foot injury. I would recommend Jo without hesitation. She has an extremely kind and caring manner. Pat

I have been attending Joanne's clinic for almost two years and I feel that I have benefitted from her excellent advice and treatment. She has taken over where the Doctors leave off and I am in less pain as a result. I would therefore recommend her to any future patients. Geoff

I experienced a period of extreme sciatica and having tried physiotherapy, found Joanne in my local town. She immediately felt the problem was back related and arranged an MRI scan, which identified a trapped nerve in my lower back. She patiently explained her course of action and started with some gentle manipulation followed by home exercises. My frustration at wanting an immediate solution was tempered by her professional approach and her patient counselling at every step of the way.
I had immediate trust in her advice and stuck to the increasing number of exercises I had to do on a daily basis, and hey presto, she was right and first my pain disappeared and then my mobility returned. I am now back to normal completely and have returned to live my life as before.
I have complete faith in her abilities and she kept me going through the 'dark days' with her confidence in me. She worked wonders and I have no problem recommending her to anyone who is experiencing similar serious pain. Martin

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