Is Sitting the New Smoking?


Experts are now describing sitting as 'the new smoking'.  Long periods of sitting not only increases our risk of back and neck pain but a staggering list of other problems including obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and even dementia.

Our bodies need to move and a sedentary lifestyle is really bad for us.  Sitting for long periods slows down the bodys' metabolism and glucose levels and blood pressure will rise.  Small amounts of activity throughout the day is enough to bring the levels back down.  Scientists have suggested that thirty minutes of light activity in two-three minute bursts is as effective (and may be preferable) to a half hour block of exercise.  

It is time for change and to convince schools and the work place to encourage an active lifestyle.  The UK is well behind Sweden where 90% of workers have the use of a standing workstation.

Keep your bones, muscles and body healthy by standing up and moving regularly during your day.  Get up and move after every 20-30 minutes of sitting.

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